Guarantee/Warranty Details

The Platinum Bed brand symbolises the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship. However, to give you further peace of mind, your mattress carry a warranty upto 10 years from the date of purchase.

The following conditions apply to the guarantee/ warranty:

  • The guarantee/warranty applies only to goods purchased from an authorised seller.
  • Any claim must be submitted in writing by the original purchaser to the supplying seller within one month of the apparent defect becoming evident.
  • The claim must be supported by proof of purchase – original invoice or sales receipt.
  • In the event of a dispute, Platinum Bed International may inspect the products before agreeing to carry out repairs / replacements. Decision of the company regarding the nature of defect and applicability of Warranty/ Guarantee will be final.
  • The guarantee/warranty does not apply if Platinum Bed’s care instructions have not been followed; where there is evidence of inappropriate usage or abuse of the product; if the products are soiled or are unhygienic; or where a mattress has been used with an unsuitable base.
  • Following a repair, the guarantee will remain valid from the date of the original purchase.
  • The guarantee/ warranty is not transferable. Claims, if any will be restricted to courts within the New Delhi jurisdiction only.


In the unlikely event that a defect arises through proven material failure or faulty workmanship Platinum Bed guarantees to make good or replace the mattress on the following basis:

All the mattresses from Platinum Bed are guaranteed for one year from the date of Purchase against any material/workmanship defect.

Also mattresses stands warranty upto 10 years as below:

Model Thickness Warranty
Crystal 6 6
Crystal 8 8
Crystal 10 10
Amber 6 6
Amber 8 8
Amber 10 10
Ruby 8 8
Ruby 8 8
Spinel 6 6
Spinel 8 8
Spinel 10 10
Ortho Bond 5 10
Ortho Bond 6 10
Glory 4 5
Glory 5 7
Glory 6 10
Fame 6 10
Fame 8 10


“Platinum Bed International Prides itself on delivering the very best in bedding solution. We began with to have a simple mission to provide the finest quality bedding products like mattresses, beds,

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