Orththobond mattress from Platinum Bed provides ortho support for your back.  Orthobond provides two different levels of comfort which makes you to sleep as per your requirement. While one side is slightly soft which gives you a feeling of cosiness and the other side is firm which supports the spine which is perfect for those who want to sleep on firm surface if prescribed by doctor or by choice. So, to change the comfort level of your mattress what you need to do is just to flip the mattress. Orthobond from Platinum Bed provides great comfort with practicality at a price which is value for money.

The Orthobond Mattress from Platinum Bed is made of:

  1. Premium rebonded foam of minimum 90 density in the core to provide firm surface.
  2. High density foam as layer to provide softer level of comfort.
  3. Super softy foam foam used for quilting which enhances the cosy feeling while sleeping on Orthobond.
  4. Premium knitted fabric which gives extra ordinary experience of comfort and feel.


Orthobond mattress from Platinum Bed is a great investment which is very durable as Platinum Bed provides a warranty of 5 years for the

Ortho Bond Back Care Mattress by Platinum Bed


However  we feel that mattress should retain the comfort till at least 10 years provided below instructions are followed:

  1. Keep mattress always dry, do not put any liquid, you may use a mattress protector for the same.
  2. Keep your mattress away from heat, do not iron your clothes on bed.
  3. Do not fold or bend the mattress.
  4. Always rotate and flip the mattress preferably once in a month.

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