In today’s fast moving and hectic life and with all sorts of tensions, problems and issues in our minds, we all wait to have the Peaceful sleep for atleast 5-6 hrs at a stretch each day. Gone are the days when we could sleep for 8-10 hrs a day which is the ideal situation and may include an afternoon nap too.!! The working hours have increased and well even the studying hours for students and we need to sleep well for a healthy body and mind. An undisturbed sleep is beneficial in many ways as it takes care of our immunity and health, manages appetite by controlling release of chemicals that signal hunger thereby controlling obesity, improves concentration at work and studies, memory retention, increases creativity and overall effectiveness in the working hours. A good comfortable sleep requires few elements to be taken into consideration like the darkness of the room, the temperature, walls painted in relaxing colours such as earthly shades of blue or green and above all a comfortable mattress and good pillows. None of us want to keep wriggling in bed to get the comfortable part of the mattress or wake up with a slight backache or neck pain.

In the current COVID-19 situation, when so much emphasis is on having nutritive diet to develop and increase immunity, we are forgetting to pay stress on sleeping well and enough to let our body release compounds which help fight inflammations due to infections and also to produce antibodies and white blood cells to keep us immune to diseases.

Here it is also to be known that if reduced sleep can lead to health problems so can sleeping for long hours too. So, a perfect sleep should have a perfect room, schedule and above all a perfect mattress to have a healthy lifestyle.

Age Recommended hours of sleep per day
Infants 16-18 hours
Preschoolers 11-12 hours
Teens 9-10 hours
Adults (including seniors) 7-8 hours


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