Hospitality mattresses are special because they are used in the hospitality industry commonly known as hotel industry to satisfy and sustain thousands of people staying in and out. They require different standards and longer lifespans, and the ability to be both rough and luxurious at the same time. With so many characteristics and needs in one product, innovative production and construction techniques and high-quality raw materials are required.

Almost 80-90% of the mattresses used in the hospitality industry are innerspring mattresses. These innerspring mattresses take care of your guests and are self-protecting mattresses to ensure long life and outstanding comfort. The construction of hotel mattresses differs from that of other mattresses in the following ways:

1. Material and density of Foam: Quality, density, and thickness all play a role in assuring quality in foam manufacturing. In the support and comfort layers, memory foam and latex foam can be combined with Foam. They must be hygienic to last a long. Furthermore, foams are helpful in enhancing the comfort of hospitality mattresses. Due to low-quality foams, springs, and other variables, a hotel mattress would most likely not last a year.

The density of the Foam is important since the higher the density, the longer your mattress will survive. Higher density guarantees that the mattress reaps the full benefits of whichever material is used. The fabric must have a high GSM (grams per square meter) or, in other words, a high density. High-density Foam may also cushion and correct the spine and pressure points while supporting and conforming to the body.

2. Material quality: The mattress raw materials in all components, largely superficial, must be high enough to support many visitors while remaining consistent over time. To achieve this, hospitality mattresses should be of the greatest possible quality to ensure durability. It could be due to the innerspring’s strength and flexibility, mattress toppers, coverings, stitching, foam composition, and density, among other things. The higher the quality, the more satisfied the guests will be, and the longer the high-quality hotel mattress will last.

3. Fire Resistant: Hotel beds must have a high level of fire resistance to meet fire safety regulations, regardless of the number of visitors. Hospitality mattresses must be fire-resistant to protect your visitors’ safety and to avoid any accidents in the room due to carelessness or electrical problems. As the most frequently used portion of your room, the chances of carelessness-related incidents rise, and the fire resistance serves as a defence against other problems.

High-density non-combustible raw materials and densely packed mattresses provide fire resistance since there is no room for air to lower the ignition threshold temperature. So fire is the last thing on your mind when it comes to damaging your hospitality mattresses.

4.  Spring material and manufacturing: Because most hospitality mattresses are innerspring mattresses, it’s critical to make sure the innerspring system lasts long. There are commonly two variants of springs used in hotel mattress named as Bonnel Spring and Pocket Springs.

The Bonnell Springs are hourglass -shaped, and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and self-tied. All the individual springs are then tied together using spring wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain shape.

The springs in the “Pocket Spring” system are mounted individually in the interconnected fabric pockets and are placed in the mattress. The purpose is to exercise the right orthopedy by the springs which are interconnected but act individually. Another feature of Pocket Spring System is to provide the ultimate anatomic structure with its buffer role between lower and upper layers.

 So, the Bonnel Spring mattresses are firmer compared to pocket spring mattress.

5.  Fabric and stitching: Having a hotel mattress means that more families will visit and use. Small children and adults alike should thoroughly test the mattress stitching and fabric. It may be guests leaping or playing about or guests not properly caring for beds, but the fabric and stitching must be able to withstand it all. Increasing the elements in the luxury fabric or outer materials is the greatest technique to achieve the finest quality. The higher the quality of the fabric and stitching, the longer it will endure and the easier it will be to clean and maintain. Unlike other hospitality mattresses, Platinum Bed has outstanding fabric and stitching to assure our brand standards and lifespan for your hotel mattresses.

6. Edge support and protection: Although most mattresses do not require edge support, it is important for hotel mattresses. From little children to numerous individuals sleeping in the same bed, everyone needs to be protected from falling off the edge. Guests’ possessions will be safer, and providing edge safety and protection will also benefit the mattress.

Mattress edge support made in-house can take the form of a rigid foam casing that protects the edges and prevents anything from injuring the innermost spring system. This additional layer of mattress protection keeps guests from falling over the edge and guarantees that the mattress is durable and long-lasting.

The mattress is also protected against guests leaving their baggage and other heavy items on the bed by absorbing the stress of children jumping around and adults partying and enjoying themselves. In addition to the motion transfer resistance already included in the mattress, the edge support helps to limit motion transfer to some extent.

7. Custom sizing and shape: Hotel mattresses may not always be the same despite having the same supplier. Some companies may have specific dimensions and customization requirements for all rooms or high-end rooms. In this instance, high-quality mattresses must meet specific requirements for quality, firmness, edge protection, and bounce factor, among other things.

Furthermore, depending on the hotel chain, different hotel beds may have varied widths and height standards. Pillows, mattress toppers, and other accessories may have custom sizes, forms, and quality specifications. Hotels can also contact us to learn more about Platinum Bed’s personalized mattress alternatives. We can ensure you obtain high-quality custom mattresses for your hotel rooms and more as one of the top producers of hospitality mattresses.


A mattress used in everyday life cannot be compared to a hotel mattress because the latter is far more advanced. Although the design and construction appear simple, there is much on the interior to make for a truly relaxing experience. Hotel mattresses show that a combination of the top materials and construction results in a rare find. At Platinum Bed, we aim to provide the finest mattresses possible to our customers and clients.

We value sleep and understand its importance to our health and way of life. That is why Platinum Bed emphasizes the need for high-quality mattresses customized to your body type. Years of research and development and feedback from people who test it out and leave reviews to go into the creation of hospitality mattresses. You can contact us if you’re looking for a hotel mattress.