Many of us suffer from insomnia, wake up with back pain, or have other sleep-related problems. We tend to blame these troubles to nothing in particular because they are so widespread.

True, some medical ailments might cause sleep problems, but it’s not uncommon for your mattress to be the source of the issue.

Your mattress is an important part of your daily life, and choosing the ideal mattress for you takes time and effort. So, it’s easy and tempting to imagine that you and your mattress have a special link and will spend the rest of your life together. Unfortunately, no matter how wonderful your relationship with your mattress is, it is the one relationship that must stop for the sake of your health.

So, in order to discover the finest mattress for your body, you must first understand the different types of mattresses. So, let’s see what kinds of mattresses we have and how long they last. In India, you may also buy a mattress online.

– Memory Foam Mattress

Platinum Bed employs top-of-the-line memory foam mattresses with body contouring technology so you’ll never be uncomfortable while sleeping. Pressure relief, body contouring, spinal alignment, and high density are all benefits of this mattress. Because it has a high density of memory foam, it outperforms other brands. We make it better by using additional layers of memory foam. These mattresses have a longer lifespan, and we often provide 8–10-year warranty on them.

– Pocket Spring Mattress

Platinum Bed is the ultimate in luxury, manufactured with the best-proven body contouring feature of the most superior body supportive core of ‘Ultra HD Pocket Springs.’ Body Sink Foam, Ultra HD Pocket Springs, Quilted Knitted Fabric were used to make these. When compared to other mattresses, these are the most durable. This line also comes with 6–10-year warranty on them.

– Orthopaedic Mattress

Platinum Bed’s Orthopaedic Mattress line includes a wide choice of mattresses designed to relieve shoulder and back discomfort in their sleepers. These mattresses will assist you in reducing joint discomfort and pressure. It has a Continuous Coil or an ortho bond core, and it gives the body support and back support. To provide the best neck, shoulder, and body support, Platinum Bed uses high-resilient ortho bond foam. Platinum Bed is a premium mattress brand in India that ensures quality requirements are satisfied in manufacturing process of mattresses. The orthopaedic mattress series from Platinum Bed comes with 8–10-year warranty on them.

– Back Support Mattresses with touch of Luxury

Platinum Bed offers a variety of back support mattresses that offer pain relief and total back support along with extra plush layers on top. This mattress has a Continuous Coil or Ortho Bond Core that will offer you with a High Resilient Foam and will help in Spinal Alignment. Back support mattresses are available from Platinum Bed in a variety of foam combinations, including memory foam, spring and foam, HR, and bonded foam. Pure sleep grade foam is used in all of the mattresses. Platinum Bed has been able to produce the best back support mattresses. These mattresses have a longer lifespan, and we often provide 8-10 year warranty on them.

– Hotel like Mattresses

Luxury isn’t just for your furnishings; choose from our Luxury Collection to give your house the opulence it deserves. Luxury spring mattresses from Platinum Bed gives you the comfort you need and luxury you desire. These are high-end mattresses that improve sleep quality while also providing the highest comfort and body support. These mattresses have a longer lifespan, and we often provide an 8–10-year warranty on them. Platinum Bed is an Indian company that sells premium mattresses.

So now you know about the greatest mattress brands in India that we offer at Platinum Bed. Let’s look at the indicators that your current mattress has to be replaced right away.

So, how can you tell when it’s time to get rid of your mattress?

  • Sleep Discomfort

If you are unable to get a good night’s sleep or are experiencing discomfort while sleeping. It could indicate that you need a new mattress right now, and tossing and turning while sleeping could indicate that the mattress has lost its comfort and support. If you find yourself waking up frequently during the night, it’s possible that your old mattress is to blame.

  • Body Aches

If you wake up in the morning in excruciating pain, it could be a sign that your mattress is getting old and no longer as comfortable or supportive as it once was; you may also experience pain in your shoulders and hips as a result of the mattress not properly relieving pressure in those areas.

Additionally, because they are not correctly supported, you will experience pain in your lower back. If you’re having problems like this, it’s not normal and could lead to other problems; it’s especially crucial to pay attention if this is a problem.

  • Wakeup Energy Level/Fatigue

Sometimes, even after a good night’s sleep of 7–8 hours, you still feel tired or weak and lack the energy to finish your daily tasks. If this is only a problem for one day, it is not a concern, but if it persists for a week or two, you should start looking for a new mattress that will allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • Sagging

If your mattress is starting to sag, it’s a clear sign that you need a new one; sagging occurs when a mattress’s coils begin to deteriorate or the memory foam begins to lose its shape. If there is a visible body impression in the mattress, it is likely that it is sagging. If you get out of bed and your mattress does not instantly return to its typical, flat state, it’s time to shop for a new one.

  • Noise

If your mattress starts generating squeaking and screaming metal sounds, it’s an indication that you need to get a new mattress and replace your old one. This generally pertains to mattresses with coils, and you can repair the problem by tightening any bolts in the mattress or box springs. It’s also a sign that the coils are starting to wear out and aren’t as supportive as they once were, and you’re not getting the help you need.

  • Smell

If your mattress is just starting to smell, it could be due to fungus, mould, or fungi building up in the mattress over time. This can happen more quickly if you live in a humid area, and while it may not seem like the most appealing option, if you take a sniff of your mattress and detect a smell, now is the time to get rid of it.

  • Allergies

If your mattress begins to accumulate mould, mildew, and dust, you are more likely to develop allergies. If you wake up every morning with watery eyes, a runny nose, and a headache, allergens in the mattress may be to blame. Some materials can help avoid the build-up of allergens, so if you have allergies, keep this in mind while shopping for a new mattress.

  • Sleeping better on a different mattress

You might visit a friend or family member and notice that you slept much better on their mattress, whereas you might wake up with a stuffy nose or joint pain at home, and you might wake up in a hotel and notice that you woke up normal with none of those issues. Well, this might absolutely suggest that your mattress is the source of your troubles, and it’s a good indication. If you’re not sure if your mattress is the source of your problems, you can try a new mattress and see if you feel better.

It may be time to replace your mattress if you can’t fall asleep easily and feel restless on your mattress, or if you frequently get up throughout the night to switch positions and keep trying new positions to find a comfortable position. Stress can also keep you awake at night. But if it lasts a long time and you’re tossing and turning till the wee hours of the morning, there’s a good probability your mattress is worn out and you need a new one. Similarly, if you have a good night’s sleep but wake up exhausted, the same could be true.

  • Mould In Mattress Symptoms

Mould, also known as fungus, is a minute bacterium that is difficult to detect until it has grown large enough to be seen with the naked eye. This problem is exacerbated if you do not periodically turn and inspect your mattress while changing the sheets. The early sign to check for is small black dots, which you will see long before you experience any health concerns or smell anything. And if you notice something like this, you should replace your mattress as soon as possible.

So, if you notice any of the above symptoms in your mattress, you should check out Platinum Bed, a leading mattress brand that offers a wide choice of high-quality mattresses in India.